Motion Algorithms

Choose from any of the eleven Motion Recognition algorithms and compare their effects in Post Processing. Tip: Double-clicking sets an algorithm back to its standard value. Long-time exposure: This process determines the average for every pixel in a shot to simulate a type of long exposure.

The Magnifying Glass of NEAT projects

On the right-hand side (at the very top) in Post-processing you will find the 1:1 magnifying glass. The magnifying glass shows you the area the cursor points to in a 1:1 pixel view. When clicking on the magnifying glass the new compare-window will appear, comparing your edited image and the original image.

Neat projects filter presets

Locating presets can be difficult when you have imported presets or created many additional looks. If you enter “filter” into the search bar, only presets relating to “filter” will be shown, for example “Gradient filter” or “Colours Red filter”.

Neat projects variation browser

The variation browser allows you to choose from different versions of a function and is primarily operated using the mouse: Shifting the segment: hold down the left mouse button before moving the mouse Zooming in

Post-processing with Neat projects

Directly after uploading your images, you will find yourself in post-processing. Here, you can start editing the results with filters and effects

Importing Images

You can choose to upload images using the file menu. When attempting to upload only one or two images a notification will appear, stating that an image sequence must include three images or more in order for the program to successfully complete motion detection.

Image Preparation with Neat projects

Here, you can configure the program’s settings precisely. For the first steps, please use the standard settings. These default settings can be restored with the arrow at the bottom left, so they won't be irretrievably lost.

Additional supported RAW-Formats

NEAT projects is continuously developed and adapts to the market with a number of supported RAW-formats. Please find the list of additional supported RAW-formats for NEAT projects 2 professional below:

Program Location

Here, you can determine in which folder projects, exposure bracketing/ photo series, final images and default settings will be saved. Program: Language Here, you can change the NEAT projects 2 professional program language to either German, English or French.

New Features for Neat projects 2 pro

NEAT projects 2 professional offers a variety of new features. Here is an overview over some of the most important developments: – 5 new Motion Fusion Profiles: remove motion (soft), remove motion (very soft), add motion (dark), add motion (light), add motion (colour).

Digitally Remove Annoying Visitors From Museums

Get clear shots of all paintings!

Remove moving objects from your photo… or merge them into one image!

In each individual image within this collection of images, an ambulance is displayed at different intervals while driving over the bridge.

An overview of the most important RAW functions

White balance: here you can regulate the colour temperature. Use the pipette to select a white balancing colour directly from the image. Denoising/ Sharpness: This feature regulates the image’s noise and sharpness.

Selective Drawing – Creating Masks

Masks can also be created from colour or brightness. With the button (1), you can activate the “Create Mask” modus. You will find yourself in the standard mode “Create Mask out of Colour"