Program Location

Here, you can determine in which folder projects, exposure bracketing/photo
series, final images and default settings will be saved.

Program: Language
Here you can change the program-language to either German, English or French.

Program: Accelerate GPU
Here, you can choose to either activate or deactivate graphic-card-computing-speed-acceleration.

Program: Tooltips
Hovering your cursor over specific tools or menu options long enough will prompt the display of a short text, offering an explanation of the function or tool, to appear. This is called Tooltip. Tooltips can also be deactivated here, if preferred.

Program: Progress Bar
While processing effects in NEAT projects 2 professional, progress will be displayed with the help of a progress bar. Here, you can decide when and whether to display the progress bar.

Program: Projects
When selecting the compression level, you are deciding how much storage space will be allocated to each of your projects. In other words, you are deciding on how quickly the storage is performed. A lower level saves the projects faster, a higher level reduces the amount of storage space available on your hard disc.

Program: Undo
With the option “save undo-steps in projects”, you can save all undo-steps within the project file. The undo-steps will be fully reproduced when the file is opened. This creates a significantly larger project file. Set the maximum number of undo-steps (1, 5, 10, 20 or 50). If you do not wish to set a maximum, select “unlimited”.

The minimum free-disk-space specifies the amount of free space on your hard drive that will not be taken up by saving undo-steps. This ensures the proper functioning of your operating software. By default, this is set to 10% of your hard disk capacity but can be increased or decreased accordingly.

Program: Preview Mode
In preview mode you can choose between the modes “optimal” and “quick”. With the “optimal”-mode activated, the preview size is adapted to the size of the original image. It guarantees maximum preview quality. If the “quick” mode is activated, the preview size is reduced to half of that of the original image. This guarantees the highest possible speed in preview-mode. Moreover, you can set the size of your preview area in megapixels if you have not selected optimal or quick mode. Select a high value if you have a very fast computer.

External Programs
Here, you can choose in which format NEAT projects 2 professional will export images to external programs. You can specify as well which programs should be used for external image editing. Navigate to the file in which the function is installed and select it.

Jpg or Jpeg is the most common and popular format for most cameras and image editing programs. Here, you can control the quality as well as compress the image. Compressed images with high quality look better but do require more storage space.

Here, you can choose between different compression-methods for your Tif files.

Png is popular due to its graphics and digital visualisation. Here, you can choose between a number of compression-methods.

Automatic: Primary View
Select whether the software should start in post-processing or directly in motion-analysis after uploading image files.

Automatic: Motion Algorithms
Here, you can activate the resetting of the motion-algorithms when opening a new sequence.

Automatic: Post Processing
Post-processing automatically sets the corn-engine back to its original settings with every newly started project. To use a fixed corn value in batch-processing, set it in the program and then deactivate this option.

Automatic: Security Questions and Additional Information
Here, you can choose whether or not to display security questions or additional information.

Automatic: Automatic Undo Points
Creates an automatic Undo-Point before RAW-development, sensor-correction or selective drawing. This creates a definitive starting point after uploading the image.

Automatic: Image Preparation
Displays the image-preparation-window when images are exported via a Plug-in.

Save formats with NEAT projects.

Automatic: Image Saving
Activate the option “always save in highest resolution” and the processed image will automatically be saved in full resolution, even if the preview mode is active. Activate the option “show crop window when saving” and the crop window will automatically be displayed before saving the image. 

Automatic: Batch Processing/ Image Data Browser
Here, you can activate automatic loading with the last-used directory when opening the image data browser. You can also activate the automatic inclusion of subdirectories in the image-data-browser and in batch-processing. Additionally, you can prevent files from being overwritten by automatically adding the original file extension (e.g. jpg, tif,…) for the file-name created in batch-processing.

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