Neat projects variation browser

The variation browser allows you to choose from different versions of a function and is primarily operated using the mouse:

  • Shifting the segment: hold down the left mouse button before moving the mouse
  • Zooming in: Scroll up
  • Zooming out: Scroll down
  • Choosing a variant: double left-click on the image
  • Setting a referent: left-click on the image
  • Comparison with referent: hold down the right mouse button over the image You can find the corresponding short cuts under “menu” – information – Short-cuts.

Click on the symbol and NEAT projects 2 professional will show you the entire preview gallery of that chosen category. Zoom in on the variant that you want to compare and set a reference image.

You will be able to put this reference image on any image with a left-click of the mouse. You can fade in this reference image into the other image by holding down the right mouse button. The border surrounding the image in a green dashed line shows you the reference image so that you can make the comparison. In this way, you can compare any two variants in the browser directly and visually.

Example: As a reference image you choose the variant “Natural Original” and mark the image with a left mouse-click. The green dashed line shows that you have chosen this image.

Now, you look for a different preview image. In this case, preset „Natural Shadow“ has been chosen.

Right-click on the preset „Colours Intense” and the reference preset will fade in. As soon as you let go of the mouse button, you will see the „Colors Intense” again. This is how you simply and purposefully compare looks with one another before choosing the ones you like best.

Selection of your desired variation: With a double-click you chose the variant. The adjustment of the relevant program settings will be carried out automatically.

Your current choice will be set automatically as your reference image when you open the window.

Deleting a variation: If you want to delete a variation move the cursor over it and click the [Del]-button. After that, click on the “compress”-button. If you want to display the deleted variations again click on “reset”.

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