Digitally Remove Annoying Visitors From Museums

Get clear images of all paintings!

1. Open NEAT projects professionally


2. Go to the folder and select the sequence of images you want to import. After opening NEAT projects, simply drag and drop the images into the program. If you load a large number of images at once, NEAT projects may warn you that you are running low on memory and suggest that you reduce the size or number of images you are working with.
Tip: Select the "Reduce size of all images" option.

In the example photo below, only eight images were needed in total to remove all the people from the image. NEAT projects can load these without additional resizing.


3. Et voilà! You don't need to do anything else to have the entire museum to yourself. NEAT projects will automatically remove all people from your photo. Choose a suitable preset on the left side. In the image below, the "Light" preset is the most suitable for this photo.

Now all you must do is save your project and you're practically done!


4. When photographing the insides and outsides of buildings, crooked lines can often become a real pain. With the new Keystone Correction tool, you can quickly and conveniently straighten those lines. Select the Grid view/enable "Guides" and these corrections will take even less time!


5. Activate the RAW tool


6. The tool for aligning and straightening structures is in the "Distortion" section.

After applying the keystone correction tool, the lines will be as straight as before: Activate guides

Finish your edits by clicking the "Apply" button. The best part is that only one image needs to be changed - the applied corrections are automatically applied to the entire image sequence.


7. The result can be seen here

There were people in each of the eight photos, and there was not a single moment when the room was completely empty... The eight pictures within the sequence were flawlessly stitched together, so that not even one of the many people previously present appears in the final result. And what's even harder to believe is that these eight photos were taken without a tripod!

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