New Features for Neat projects 2 pro

NEAT projects 2 professional offers a variety of new features. Here is an overview over some of the most important developments:

– 5 new Motion Fusion Profiles: remove motion (soft), remove motion (very soft), add motion (dark), add motion (light), add motion (colour). For additional information on motion fusion profiles, please see chapter 10.

– Fusions-Profiles: Create, save and load your own Motion Fusion Profiles.

– Upload up to 200 images

– Presets and Additional Functions: 18 new presets have been added in four different categories, along with the Favorite System, Preset Combiner and the Gallery Function.

– Variation Browser: For Presets, the Optimisation Assistant, Fusion Algorithms and Fusion-Profiles.

– Exposure-Prediction: New exposure-correction-processes for image-sequences. This allows for a (limited) upload of bracketed series in the form of motion-sequences. The optimization of lights works out as many details as possible from the light areas of the original images.

-Significant Optimisation: The fusion-algorithm-calculation has been accelerated by up to 40%. Automatic image-rotation has been sped up by up to 50% and RAW-image uploads by 30%.

– Selective Drawing: 4 composing-levels and 48 processing-methods (see chapter 11. Local Adjustments/ Selective Drawing)

– 1:1 Comparison Window

– Granulation-module: Natural grain in 6 forms and fractal grain.

– Intelligent Colour Space (SCA method)

– RAW-Module Expansions: Graphic configuration of horizon correction, Category FX, create your own profile, adjustable display-options, as well as the following effects:

Normalise Lights/Shadows  Colour Denoising  Exposure  Colour Gradient  RGB-Exposure

– Print Final Image

– Clipboard

– Colour normalisation of input images

– Scaling function for input images: From 10 to 400%. The scaling-calculation of new images is made based on the size of your screen. Small scaling adjustments can be useful when uploading your image to a webpage directly after editing.

– Interactive Contrast Optimisation in the Motion Fusion

– Note Function in the Undo-Timeline

– Create Exposure-bracketing: New mode „according to EV value“

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