HDR painter is a powerful tool to manually adjust certain areas by editing individual images of a bracketing series Exposure Bracketing View (left):
As with any HDR, it begins with proper bracketing. With this design you might think that an HDR would be unnecessary anyway and the whole picture could also be done with an exposure. Think again! The devil is in the details, especially here.
The micro-contrast enhancement used in HDR photography shows all the unwanted sensor errors
Here you can precisely configure the program’s settings. For the first steps, please use the standard settings. These default settings can be restored with the arrow at the bottom left.
The list of supported RAW Formats is continiously growing. HDR projects 7 additionally supports the following file formats
Even the most modern digital cameras have a limited dynamic range. Drastic lighting contrasts exhibit this restriction easily, such as with a photo taken indoors looking outside
HDR projects 7 professional offers many new features. Here is a summary of some of the most important developments: New ultra-HDR mode „Highlight Boost”:
You can obtain a finished HDR image in just 5 clicks with HDR projects 7 professional. 1. Load Images 2. HDR Preparation 3. Post-Processing -> Select HDR Style -> Preset Selection 4
As usual, the installation process can be completed easily and efficiently. If preferred, the installation of the Photoshop plug-in and the graphics support can be excluded from this procedure before initiation.
When it comes to the field of RAW development, FRANZIS has delivered a batch of new features and thoroughly improved previously existing functions.
Another addition worth mention is the automatic Ghosting Correction Optimization. After adjusting various Ghosting slide control settings in the last software version, constantly viewing the image outside of preview mode was quite often necessary for observing visible changes.
Export to Photoshop and Post-Editing in HDR projects: It is of course also possible to create and edit a photo montage in any other program using the same images used to make up the HDR image in HDR projects 5. T
My first impression on using this software was that it presented a lot of choices
HDR algorithms in graphical comparison with the variants browser. These days, image post-processing is simply a must for any photographer