Edit Weighting with the HDR Painter

HDR painter is a powerful tool to manually adjust certain areas by editing individual images of a bracketing series

 Exposure Bracketing View (left): The individual images of aseries are sorted into red, green and blue. When the bracketing has more than 3 exposures, the master image will be set as

green and the next active neighbouring images as red and blue.
If you would now like to make changes to the weighting of a particular image, pay attention to the image’s colour and choose the respective colour in the paint symbol bar.

To clarify: The brush does not mean that you are painting colours directly onto the image, you are adjusting the brightness weighting in certain areas of individual images. For example, an HDR result shows a landscape where the exposure is correct everywhere except for the tree in the foreground, which is too dark. Here you can select the brightest image from the series and enhance the brightness of the tree by “painting” the object. The final fusion is a balanced image with a correctly lit tree in the foreground.

Adjusted Weighting:
After drawing, the adjusted weighting can be seen to the right of the individual image. The white drawn strokes mean that you have emphasised the tree in the brightest image and that the tree will be brighter in the HDR result.

The tree was selectively brightened, and this without altering the brightness of the sky, clouds or plains. The diffused brush makes the transitions invisible. The result is a properly weighted image with a correctly lit tree in the foreground. The well structured sky remains in the background.

 Important tools of the HDR-Painter:

=> Increase weighting: Draw on the selected area to enhance the weighting of this portion of the image.

=> Reduce weighting: Draw on the selected area to reduce the weighting of this portion of the image.

=> Brush size: Adjust the size of the brush.

=> Brush form: With numerous new brushes, you will find the right from for your selected area.

=> Stamp: The stamping mode not only edits the weighting of the current image but adjusts the weighting of all of the other exposures accordingly. For example, if you use the paint tool to increase the weighting of an area in one image, the weighting of that same section will be reduced in all of the other exposures to amplify the effect.

=> Blurring: If you want soft transitions between corrected and original areas, trace the blurring function over the borders to soften the transitions.

=> HDR-image/ weighting: This function mixes the view between the HDR image and the weighting. This is very effective for maintaining control while drawing.

=> Delete weighting: Delete the drawn weighting for the active image of the series.

=> Delete all: Warning: This function deletes all of the drawn weightings and returns to the initial setting

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