Perfect HDR Photos With Just A Few Clicks

With HDR projects 7 professional you get a finished HDR image in just 5 clicks.

1. Load images

2. HDR preparation

3. Post-processing -> select HDR style -> select preset

4. Set the optimization wizard

5. Select image section and save, that's it!

You can simply drag and drop your images or exposure bracketing onto the home screen.

This way you quickly get the results you want - the sophisticated presets and looks, the individual image adjustment, and the selected drawing allow you to go your own creative way. HDR projects 7 professional offers both options.


At the top of the screen is the main menu and the menu bar. This menu bar contains the following functions (from left to right):

o Exposure bracketing browser

o History viewer

o HDR from a single image

o Import exposure bracketing

o Open project

o Batch processing (HDR + tonemapping)


Optionally, image data may also simply be „dropped” onto the screen via Drag & Drop. The image data will then be uploaded automatically.

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