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Image post-processing is simply a must for every photographer today. As a user, you want to achieve a good result as quickly as possible, even with complex software that allows many selectable algorithms for perfect and individual results. Then, of course, it is a great advantage to be able to quickly assess the effects of complex procedures and make a quick decision. With the variant browser and its graphical overview, exactly this goal is achieved.

After an HDR image has been loaded into the post-processing window, a decision must be made whether to use a scenario, an HDR weighting mode or possibly one of the options of the Tuning Wizard. In all cases, it is always the same icon for the Variant Browser in front of the pull-up menu with the respective options.

Of course, each option could now be tried out one after the other on the large screen. However, a visual overview of all variants at the same time is much more effective. This way, all algorithms can be compared nicely side by side in a single window, and it also saves a lot of time.


If you click on the browser icon to the left of the pull-up menu with the options, a relatively short calculation is started despite many variants. A separate, new window is displayed immediately.

Here you can see at first glance what the respective algorithm does. In this example it is the weighting modes. The ideal candidate can now be selected at leisure. Once the favorite has been determined, the desired variant is quickly set up with a simple double-click and the window closes. If the current algorithm was already perfect and no change has been made, simply go back with the close button.


This way, the right decision can be made in no time at all, and, by the way, the variant browser is always perfect for inspiration.

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