HDR projects 7 Pro: Whats new?

HDR projects 7 professional offers many new features. Here is a summary of some of the key developments:

New Ultra HDR Highlight Boost mode:
The Ultra HDR mode "Highlight Boost", which is activated by default, ensures even more realistic HDR images. Particularly tricky lighting conditions can be mastered with the new mode. It helps bring even the finest details in the image to life - details such as hair texture.

5 presets for HDR weight distribution:
For calculating HDR weight distribution, the program offers 5 different exposure methods (bracketing). The default setting is the denoising technique ("midtones dominate").

New tone mapping:
The new tone mapping "Retina" provides color fidelity and a "tonal value" that corresponds to the color perception of the human eye. It is particularly suitable for images with high contrast. To access "Retina" in post-processing mode, simply type "expert" in the search bar.

Addition to HDR styles:
The tone mappings (color fidelity & retina) now also support the HDR styles.

Improvement of the automatic image alignment by using options like:
- Landscape
- Fog, Night Sky
- Soft subjects (strong bokeh)

33 new presets
- New category "Grunge" => 16 presets
- New category "Micro Details" => 17 presets

4 new Smart Mask filters:
Smooth areas, Midtones, Gradation, Vignette.

New module "Color filters" in selective drawing:
8 different color filters (red, orange, yellow, green-yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet).

Add-ons in selective drawing:
- Adjustable contrast and color saturation of the composing images
- Boolean functions for combining masks
- Perspective tilting of textures
- Adjustable texture calculation quality tools in 3 levels
- Automatic building of blended texture databases
- Multiple UnDo & ReDo of the paintbrush tool

Choose a font:
Choose one of the installed and compatible fonts according to your personal preferences. In addition to the font size, you now have the option to create a custom workspace where your entire user interface is displayed in the font of your choice.

Enhanced scratch and sensor correction:
5 new quality modes to automatically search for appropriate areas.


Additional external programs:
Up to 12 external programs and their configurable names.

Extras in RAW module:
- Exposure value (EV)

- Brightness red, green, blue

- Hue shift

- Soft contrast

- Soft details

- Pastel colors

- Bleach Bypass

- Polarizing Filter

- Reduce stray light

- Aging

Scaled saving of images:
A new sub-module in the Image Cropping section allows you to save images at a smaller size. This also includes around 30 templates for various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, as well as pixel-perfect image format input.

18 new layer editing methods
in HSV and HSL color spectra

Notes in the Undo Timeline
New automations:
- Automatic file saving with or without crop editing

- Automatic saving of files in maximum resolution

- Automatic grain engine reset functions

- Save extensions appended to file names during batch processing can now be optionally disabled

- Display of information dialogs on/off

- Automatic denoise optimization on/off

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