Inside/Outside Edge Matting

Inside/Outside Edge Matting is the right choice when it comes to cropping objects from images which do not possess a strictly monotone background or are similar in color to the background itself. Select the image you wish to crop from album-mode and choose the middle option from the following window. Now, the selected image should be opened in the Inside/Outside Edge Matting Menu as follows:

Since the background coloration is, in this case, not only varied but also quite similar to that of the lion’s fur, chromakey-matting would most likely not deliver the best possible result.

For this reason, it makes the most sense to separate the object in the foreground from the background manually.

To get started, locate the menu-bar on the right side and select the polygon-tool for the outside selection from the upper left-hand corner. Now, draw an outer-edge outline around the lion’s entire head.

This does not need to be done with pinpoint precision.

Most important when drawing the outline is making sure no point falls inside the object itself.

Now, choose the polygon-tool for the inside selection:

Step-by-Step, click and drag the outline along the inside border of the lion—that is, where the edge meets the background.

Once again, this process does not need to be carried out 100% accurately. In order to be able to work more precisely, however, you can use the zoom function located on the left side of the menu-bar:

An alternative option is simply scrolling with your mouse-wheel to adjust the zoom settings.

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