Often, you will have the following problem with your images: Your photo shows an object, an animal or a person you want to focus on. However, both the object and the background appear sharp
To move the penguin to a warmer place, we select "Change Background" in the post-matting-menu. After matting, a file browser will open and you will be able to search for the background image that will serve as the background for the penguin:
Often, you are confronted with objects that have elements of the background situated within them that need to be removed. Typical examples are photos in which people have their hands placed on their hip
You can change the curvature of the cropping-mask via the curve window. By clicking on the curve, additional adjustment points can be added so that the curve can be variably adjusted.
If the chromakey-matting result has flaws, you can use the following parameters to refine the result: Feather Brush Adds individual pixels to the mask and ensures a softer transition from the foreground to the background.
The following settings and parameters are available in matting-mode for cropping, using stroke-based-matting and inside/ outside edge matting: The polygon-tool was already explained in chapter 3.1
Use this method to crop images that have a white, gray, or black background. This method can also be used to crop out areas of an object that also belong to the background. First Application Example — Cropping Objects on White Surfaces Select your image from album
In order to crop objects with a monochrome green or blue background in CutOut 9 professional using chromakey-matting, select the desired image in album-mode and click on chromakey in the menu bar.
Inside/Outside Edge Matting is the right choice when it comes to cropping objects from images which do not possess a strictly monotone background or are similar in color to the background itself