From Bright to Cloudy

Bad weather? No problem! If the forecast for next weekend doesn’t look so great, there’s no reason to mope around, because your next photo project is called “Hunting the Clouds”. Your goal: breathtaking, dramatic, effervescent and simply daunting – capture a Skyscape so spectacularly that it looks like something out of a movie.

Everything you need for this is your camera (preferably with a standard wide angle lens) and BLACK & WHITE projects 3 – and of course a few clouds in the sky. Luckily this isn’t such a scarcity in these parts of the world. Our sample photo was taken on a September afternoon with a Nikon D700. Not necessarily a photo to throw out, but also not very frame-worthy – not yet anyway! BLACK & WHITE projects 3 will make a real eye-catcher out of it!

And this is how it works – a tip to follow for lightning speed photo editing:
Choose the Preset “Surreal faded” and apply a bit of a tint to the entire photo. That’s it! You will be astonished how quickly you can bring spectacular clouds out of a dull Skyscape.

Tags: black-white

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