Erase Scratches & Sensor Errors

You will find the "erase scratches & sensor errors"-button on the right-hand side and at the very bottom of the section „Finalise“. This isn’t without reason. Erasing a scratch or sensor error should be something you do at the very end of the editing process.

As soon as you activate the correction, a new window will open:
In the centre you will find the image and the working-area. The parameters are on the right-hand side.
At the very top, on the right-hand side, you will find the display controls beginning with the zoom display. With this display you are able to zoom in on and out from the image as well as move it.
Underneath the zoom display there is the contrast display that helps you find irregularities in the image.

Activate the contrast display with the front control and change the intensity of the display with the controller on the right.

Both of these controls activate, as well as deactivate, the display of the correction areas (left) and the display of the target area.
In the section underneath you will find two controls which have an effect on the correction areas.

The left controller calculates a new optimum-spot within all correction areas. On the right you can delete all correction areas which you will then have to confirm via a security query.

The bottom block-settings handle the actual values of the correction areas:
As you can see in the top image, 14 out of 200 options are being used for the correction areas. To use another area, simply click on the paintbrush and adjust to the desired size with the controller on the right-hand side. Then, click on the area of the image that you wish to be corrected.
Subsequently, the target area of the corrector will be searched automatically, and will be used and displayed by the program. You can move this target area with the mouse in case you do not like the proposed automatic suggestion.

The control “size” allows a subsequent change of size in a correction area. Simply click on a correction area and change the size with the control. The bottom-left control allows you to set a correction area into automatic mode as soon as the target area has been chosen.
You can delete the activated correction are with the bottom-right control.

You can find the keyboard layout of this window in the chapter “keyboard shot cuts”.

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