Denoise projects Functions Part 4

DENOISE projects 2 professional offers a wealth of different filters, so that the best result can be achieved for every image with the least amount of effort. Here, you can choose between a total of 69 post-processing effects which you can combine with each other as well as change individually.

If you want to have a good grasp of how these different filters work, it is best to experiment on different images until you know what kind of effect each filter has on the image. To ease you into working with DENOISE projects 2 professional, you will find a list of every filter and effect in chronological order below. Please be aware that different filters can have totally different results when used on different images.

Reducing haze & fog:
This effect reduces haze and fog in an image.

Film grain – analogue:
The analogue film grain simulates a photographic film-coating with different ISO numbers and grain sizes. This creates a realistic film grain.

Film grain – digital:
By adding film grain, you can give your image that well-known cinematic look.

Film grain – fractal:
The image will be covered with a fractal film grain.
Note: The higher you set the iteration, the more gradiently the effect will be calculated.

Gradation curve:
The gradation curve allows you to add exposure to single-brightness-regions of your image.

Tip: Play around with the gradation curve until you feel that you can handle it well.

Gradation curve (Log): Determine the exposure curve of the picture with the logarithmic gradation curve, so that especially the darker areas of the picture can be identified.

Level brightness:
This effect smoothens a complete picture-area with selectable brightness.

Brightness – Contrast – Gamma:
This filter offers you basic tools for post-processing, allowing you to regulate brightness, contrast, and gamma.

Adapting light/shadow:
Adjusting light and shadow is a powerful tool for all kinds of photos, allowing you to enhance colours in the sky on landscape photos separately, for example.

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