Denoise Projects Effects Part 2

DENOISE projects 2 professional offers a wealth of different filters, so that the best result can be achieved for every image with the least amount of effort. Here, you can choose between a total of 69 post-processing effects which you can combine with each other as well as change individually.

If you want to have a good grasp of how these different filters work, then it is best to experiment on different images until you know what kind of effect each filter has on the image. To ease you into working with DENOISE projects 2 professional, you will find a list of every filter and effect in chronological order below. Please be aware that different filters can have totally different results when used on different images.

Denoising – Banding:
Banding denoising deletes vertical and horizontal streaks that might be caused by the camera-sensor. Detail losses that might occur will be stronger the higher the intensity of this effect is.

Denoising – Colour:
Deletes colour noise within the image depending on the selected intensity level.

Denoising – colour clouds:
This effect deletes the colour clouds that come from colour noise.

Denoising – smooth surfaces:
Smooths surfaces in your image and creates a homogenous image effect.

Denoising– smoothing:
The Denoising – smoothing method is a special method of soft drawing used for smoothing certain areas of the image. This leads to a preservation of the contours and the details within the image.

Denoising – HD:
Luminance noise suppression (HD) is a precise but calculation-heavy effect that reduces luminance noise or eliminates it completely.

Denoising– HD iterative:
Brightness denoising (HD iterative) is a method used for image denoising.

Denoising – HD ultra:
Brightness denoising (HD ultra) is a very calculation-heavy but also very precise effect that lets you reduce, and sometimes delete any image noise completely, based on brightness.

Denoising – hotpixel:
Hotpixel noise suppression is suited to shots with a small number of strong pixels which are disturbing the overall photo; it denoises these pixels very heavily.

Tip: Apply it several times to remove disturbances across multipixel areas.

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