Consistent Depth of Field

FOCUS projects professional is the 5th projects software from FRANZIS. The one-click solution perfectly generates a photo with a large depth of field throughout from a series of varying depths of field. This application is great for both amateur and professional photographers, for example those in advertising or commercial photography.

Focus stacking is a photographic and post-processing technique that is popular in macro photography for it’s depth of field expansion in which a series of photos are stacked. However, the stacked photos in this case are not taken with exposure bracketing, but with depth of field bracketing where there is a different plain of focus in each photo. FOCUS projects is tuned to take photos with different plains of focus in a series of photos and merge them into one photo. To do this, the software uses eight specially developed Focus stacking algorithms that work with 32-bit precision and perfectly aligns each photo in the series based on the automatic, or manual, assessment of the sharpest areas of the subject throughout the series. Up to 400 photos with varying focus plains in in RAW, TIFF or JPG formats can be merged into a single stack.

FOCUS projects professional summary

FOCUS projects professional convinced us across the board of it’s capabilities with the delivered test results. That said, for good results, you do need to pay attention your technique while taking the photo. Otherwise, not even the best software can deliver satisfying results. We especially liked that you have the ability to adjust each post-processing effect individually achieve a look that fits your personal preferences. The entire program, as we know from the other products in the projects series, is structured logically and is intuitive to use. With a little practice you can quickly develop a personal workflow that quickly leads to good results. It needs to be said that FOCUS projects professional is not only for macro or product photography, but is also perfectly suited for landscape photos with an uncompromisingly large depth of field throughout.


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