Bring your photos to life with COLOR projects

My goal as a wedding photographer is to create life-like photos that capture the true feeling of a wedding day. I want my clients to be able to look back at their photos for years to come and feel like they are reliving their magical day all over again.

One of the ways I accomplish this is through the use of color in my photos.
Whether it’s the soft pastel colors of a spring wedding, the bright, bold colors of a sunny summer wedding, the beautiful warm hues of a fall wedding, or the pops of color against the snowy backdrop of a winter wedding, getting the color right is one of the most important steps of my post processing workflow.
Color also plays a large role in defining your style as a photographer. Some photographers prefer a moody look with muted colors, some a more vintage vibe with slight color tinting, and others, like myself, prefer bolder, more saturated colors.

Whichever style you prefer, it’s important to be consistent in your work, and color projects makes staying consistent easy!

COLOR projects is a great tool for any photographer who want’s to give their photos that “wow effect.” It’s easy to use and comes with over 100 presets and analog film emulation filters. What I found especially useful was the selective painting function.

This allowed me to make changes to only certain parts of the photo, while preserving other parts. For example, I was easily able to increase the color intensity on the fall leaves without over-saturating the couple’s skin tone.

COLOR projects can be used as a standalone application, or along side Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, which allows it to fit seamlessly into my workflow. It’s built in RAW editor lets you make basic adjustments to the digital negative, and with a click of the mouse you can export my edited images to photoshop where I can continue with my usual workflow.

This Article was written by Kristin vom Kristin Speed Photography

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