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Boudoir photography is one of the latest trends from America to make its way across the world, and is personally one of my favorite genres to photograph. Many women choose to do boudoir sessions as gifts for their significant others, and some just do it for themselves maybe to mark a special time in their lives, or even as a way to challenge themselves to do something completely out of character. Whatever the reason behind a boudoir session, my goal is always to make these women feel beautiful, and for even my most shy, nervous clients to leave the session feeling great about themselves and more confident than ever when they see their gorgeous photos.

One of the things I love the most about boudoir photography is that is can be anything you want it to be! It can be cute and flirty, light an airy, beautiful and sexy, dark and gritty, and the list goes on. The direction my sessions go usually reflect quite a bit on the personality of my clients and the location, which means no two sessions are ever alike. However, it is still important to maintain a consistent style.

My style, especially for boudoir photography, tends to bold colors and rich in contrast. That said, some of my favorite boudoir photos are black & white.

There are times during my post-processing where I will come across an image that I know has potential to be a great portfolio shot, but for one reason or another, my usual editing just isn’t quite doing the trick. Then I’ll try a black & white edit and the image literally transforms right before eyes into the stunner I knew it could be.

And of course other times I know right away that a photo is just made to be black & white because the lighting or the emotion in the photo just screams black & white (as with the silhouette photo below).

While I love colorful photos, colors sometimes distract from what we photographers want the viewers to see and feel, and making a photo black & white helps bring that out.

Thanks to BLACK & WHITE projects 4, creating beautiful black & white images has never been easier. With a few clicks of the mouse you can really bring out the “WOW!” effect in your photos! Whether you prefer black & whites that are light & airy, rich in contrast, moody & grainy, etc., you will find the perfect look with 115 easy to use, theme based presets and various film emulation filters.

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