BLACK&WHITE 4 New Features

In BLACK & WHITE projects 4 you can now adjust the sensitivity to emulate color filters in your images. In analog times this technique was created with different films, but now modern software for black & white photography and the new FRANZIS algorithms do it for you!

Your advantage: you have more influence and control over your result, especially over the brightness of the individual "colors" in your image to better suit your needs.


Sensitive selective editing: geometric or brush with intelligent contour detection

It is often the case that individual areas of an image need to be edited differently than others. The fourth generation of BLACK & WHITE projects masters this challenge perfectly and is super flexible to boot. The geometric selection feature is great for large areas or clearly outlined objects, while the delicate and sensitive brush is best for tricky areas. The BW projects 4 correction brush detects structures and edges you want to change and highlights the colors in the affected areas.

You benefit because you no longer have to compromise when editing your photos. Each area gets the effect that suits it best!


Preset keywords for more order in your image ideas

Built-in presets are your most efficient weapon from BW projects in search of inspiration. In seconds, you'll be presented with 115 examples of your image, and you can easily choose one you like. You can't find a simpler, more creative and inspiring program! New in BLACK & WHITE projects 4 is the ability to label personally created presets so you can find them more easily later. Wouldn't it be a shame if your own creations got lost?


The highlights of BLACK & WHITE projects 4:

■ New: Sensitive, selective photo editing with intelligent contour detection.

■ New: New algorithms for perfect color filter emulations

■ New: Full-fledged Lightroom plug-in included

■ BLACK & WHITE development studio for professional black and white with 115 presets.

■ Powerful denoise and sharpness engines.

■ Shading and selective drawing tools.

■ Brighten and enhance details

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