107 All at Once

Unfortunately, you never know when your muse will give you another kiss of inspiration, and often times, if you try to force creativity, you only end up empty handed. Nothing really comes together like you want it to. When this happens, all you need is a little push in the right direction – something to jumpstart your creativity just to get you going.

Good thing PHOTO WORKS projects 3 offers you 107 presets that can give you the push you need! Ready for use and conveniently sorted based on different themes: “Natural”, Landscape”, “Portrait”, “Architecture”, “Surreal”, “Artistic”. Your photo is actually already optimized before you even start post-processing!

As with every projects software, PHOTO WORKS projects is also preset-based. As soon as you open your photo in the program you have access to 107 presents that you can find on the the left side of the window, including preview photos. Pure inspiration: over 100 variations of your photo!

Like the other projects programs, you can separate the different areas of the program interface from the main program window by double clicking them. This offers a convenient way to get a better overview of the 107 presets. You can even drag these new windows onto a second monitor if available.

Customize presets individually
PHOTO WORKS projects works in direct comparison of all of the presets you can quickly narrow down your favorites. Either you already know which direction you’d like to go during post-processing, or you have a vague idea as to what the photo should look like when you’re finished.

In any case, you can easily select the right preset to serve as a basis for your fine adjustments. After all, presets are nothing more than a compilation of individual, pre-selected effects.

These presets can in turn be altered with an additional step on the right hand side of the program interface while in expert mode.

Once you have applied your desired changes, you can save them as a new preset and apply those exact settings to other photos. Whether you want to improve your workflow or simply want to put less time and energy into post-processing your photos, PHOTO WORKS projects 3 delivers 107 inspiring ideas for better photos.

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