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FRANZIS® Book and Software Publishers belongs to one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers in Germany.

The company was founded in 1920 by Franz’schen Printers, which had existed in the center of Munich since 1828. The company began with magazines that accompanied the development of radio and broadcasting, and first embarked on publishing books in the 30s.

After re-establishing itself as a specialised book and magazine publisher in 1948, FRANZIS made its name as the earliest medium for radio, broadcasting and television with its “Professional Radio Book”, which contained 331 volumes in 1992. FRANZIS was adopted by WEKA Media Group in 1991 and merged with earlier computer magazines like PC Magazine and Market & Technology. Today the publisher is located in Haar near Munich, Germany.


Franzis TeamFRANZIS® Products

FRANZIS’ product portfolio is much more than literature on experimenting, photography and programming! The company offers a whole range of material, corresponding to the market’s ever changing demands.
Besides its three primary fields, FRANZIS supplies special software for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals, which provides customers with individualised versions of literature available in a particular domain. On top of the extensive published material, FRANZIS stands out with its numerous online projects.


For Hobbyists and Proswebinar

Whether you are a photographer, a technical engineer, a programmer or just exploring, FRANZIS offers perfect, quick, simple and competent solutions for all hobbyists and pros, with books, software, construction kits and webinars. With almost 100 available study packages, experiment boxes and construction kits, FRANZIS wants to make new technology accessible, impart basic and expert knowledge as well as excite young and old about technology. FRANZIS’ developments in the realm of photography have been competitive since the beginning of photo software in 2004, and have impressed professional photographers and photography magazines alike. The regular webinars (live online workshops), which are also available afterwards as video tutorials, offer the interested users valuable knowledge on a particular topic.


Projects Software

  • Stand-alone application – no further software required.
  • Plug-in included to perfectly fit the Adobe® Photoshop workflow
  • Interface for Adobe® Lightroom
  • All tools completely in English
  • For PC and MAC