Preset Collection 1 – Vintage Edition for SHARPEN projects

Embark on a journey into the past with the preset collection developed exclusively for SHARPEN projects. The 22 vintage filters simply place your pictures in an impressive scene and make them appear more dramatic and interesting thanks to the muted colors.


• The right vintage look at the click of a mouse
• Simply conjure up nostalgic pictures
• Impressive results with no editing expertise required
• Easily import projects into in SHARPEN projects Versions 2 (2018) and later
• Exclusively for SHARPEN projects

just $ 9.95

22 Professional Presets for 2018 Versions and Later

With modern cameras you usually take very colorful pictures, but this does not suit every situation. In order to give your works a nostalgic atmosphere, SHARPEN projects is now strengthened with 22 perfectly coordinated presets. The soft colors immediately evoke the memory of analog photos.


With 22 exciting retro filters, you can easily give your current photos the charm of the past. There are many different suggestions available – from classic sepia to daring deep red. Does the image still not meet your requirements afterwards? No problem! The presets can be easily adapted to your ideas afterwards.

The 22  Vintage Presets In This Package:

1. Deep Red
2. Deep Green
3. Extended
4. Red Compressed
5. Crisp
6. Spooky
7. Coffee
8. Blue Compressed
9. Light
10. Faded
11. Dreamy

12. Washed
13. Sepia
14. Tropical
15. Patina
16. Golden
17. Buttercream
18. High Key
19. Bleach
20. Glow
21. Sunny
22. Less Color

With the Presets Vintage you get the special look

With the Vintage Preset Collection, you don’t need a new camera

You don’t need to buy an expensive Polaroid camera. The preset package from SHARPEN offers various vintage filters to perfectly imitate the retro look. Simply install the preset package in SHARPEN and then be inspired by 22 additional exclusive suggestions.


Get the perfect picture quickly and easily

You can easily install the new preset package using the add-on function in SHARPEN projects. The program automatically offers suitable editing suggestions for your image without you having to worry about algorithms, filters and tone mappings. Image editing has never been easier!

The Preset Collection 2 is compatible with SHARPEN projects 2018
(professional and standard versions) and SHARPEN projects 3 (professional and
standard versions).

Software required for add-on installation: SHARPEN projects 2018 Versions and later.