Preset Collection 2 – Retro Art für COLOR projects

Modern cameras take very colorful pictures but sometimes you long for the looks and delicate colors of analog pictures.

Let your photos appear in retro colors and give them the charm of the past.

Infected with a nostalgic look? With the Preset Collection RetroArt you can transform your photos into true classics that inspire.

With the 20 perfectly coordinated presets as an add-on package for all versions from COLOR projects 4, you get the best nostalgically beautiful looks developed by professional photographers that you have always been looking for. Let yourself be inspired and let your pictures shine in a retro look.

just $ 9.95

Faster Editing With Presets

You simply install the new preset packages in COLOR projects from version 4 and edit your photo with the new special tools.

Your advantage:

You no longer have to worry about which functions, algorithms, filters or tone mappings match your motifs.

The Preset Collection does this work for you. Let yourself be enchanted, image editing has never been easier!

These 20 Seasons presets can be found in the package:

  • RetroArt color spectrum
  • RetroArt water damage
  • RetroArt  fog
  • RetroArt light play
  • RetroArt red stitch
  • RetroArt Cool
  • RetroArt rays
  • RetroArt black and white drawing
  • RetroArt Rustic
  • RetroArt Underwater
  • RetroArt sunrise
  • RetroArt half light
  • RetroArt Idyllic / Flimmer
  • RetroArt striking
  • RetroArt green stitch
  • RetroArt bluish tint
  • RetroArt violet
  • RetroArt bleached
  • RetroArt Powerful
  • RetroArt Colorful

These preset Collections is a pure plug-in extension for PhotoWorks and COLOR projects and can be used only in conjunction with the Software as a hosting program