Preset Collection 7 – X-Process for HDR


Cross Processing, also known as cross development, is currently the number one topic by all photography enthusiasts. Characteristic for cross-developed photos are the use of strong colours, extreme contrasts, rough film core and a light partial blurring of the photo.

You don’t just get new presets, but also new functions, algorithms and looks that are immediately available to you. Of course you can change or combine the new presets according to your personal taste – let yourself be inspired!

 just $ 9.95

Don´t miss out on the new trend: Cross Processing!

Cross Processing describes the reverse development of colour and slide films.
Pictures created in this way have powerful colours as well as unique looks that are consciously used nowadays as a stylistic device in digital development labs. The advertising industry has also taken up on this trend, as have artistic photographers who want to differentiate themselves through a unique image style using X processing.


The Cloud: With the cross-procedure you can change boring image-motifs into unique modern day eye catchers.

Try it out yourself, our new add – on package for HDR projects offers you within seconds 20 cross-developed variations of your photo, with which you will be able to gain recognition from your fellow photographer. You won´t need to tell anyone that it only took a couple clicks with the mouse….

Preset Collection - X-Process

Preset Collection - X-Process

Faster Editing With Presets

For outstanding pictures especially in people, landscape and architecture photography
You simply install the new preset- packages through the add-on function and start to edit your photo with the newest specialized tools.
Your advantage: You won´t need to worry about, which functions, algorithms, filters or tone mapping best suit your image. The Preset Collection together with HDR projects will do it for you

Since you will take your photos without a filter, you will also be able to develop your photo like a normal OneShot-HDR. Let yourself be inspired, X-Processing has never been so easily achieved!

Add-on packet with 20 handmade filters for your digital darkroom:

  • XP blue
  • XP red
  • XP green
  • XP light blue
  • XP light red
  • XP light green
  • XP soft blue
  • XP soft red
  • XP soft green
  • XP blue bleach
  • XP red bleach
  • XP green bleach
  • XP dark blue
  • XP dark red
  • XP dark green
  • XP cyan
  • XP magenta
  • XP yellow
  • XP sundown 1
  • XP sundown 2


Preset Collection - X-Process

Preset Collection - X-Process

Preset Collection - X-Process

Preset Collection - X-Process

The Preset Collections are only plug-in expansions for HDR projects 4 and later versions and can only be used together with this program.