Preset Collection 10 – Color Tones 2 for HDR


No more boring presets! The new and reviesed preset packages from HDR projects allow you to redefine the colour of your photos. With Colour Tones, you get that extra kick for your images!

just $ 9.95

Preset Colelction 10 - Color-Tones 2

Preset HDR 10 - color tones 2

Faster Editing With Presets

Your advantage – you no longer have to worry about which functions, algorithms, filters or tone mapping best suit your image. HDR projects will take care of this for you. HDR photography has never been more efficiet and easier to use, you will be amazed! How does it work? Simply install the newest preset package, open HDR projects and edit your photos with the new specialized tools.


The 20 Color Tones Presets In This Package:


  • Albumin
  • Ambrotypie
  • Anthotypie
  • Anthrakotypie
  • Argyrotypie
  • Autochrome
  • Chrysotypie
  • Collotypie
  • Cyanotypie
  • Daguerrotypie
  • Ferrotypie
  • Fotogramm
  • Kallitypie
  • Kalotypie
  • Pannotypie
  • Pinatypie
  • Platinotypie
  • Talbotypie
  • Woodburytypie
  • Wothlytypie


Preset HDR 10 - color tones 2

The Preset Collections are only plug-in expansions for HDR projects 4 and later versions and can only be used together with this program.