HDR Preset Collection 14 Street photography 

A collection of 22 handmade presets to get the perfect street-photography-look for your images. Usable with HDR projects 5 and higher.

  • Various of inspiring image examples to create exciting images pf lively city scenes
  • Quick feeling of success, by using the presets
  • Create your personal unique style and apply it to an entire series of images
  • Perfect HDR results, also with single-shot technology
  • For HDR projects 5 and higher


just $ 24.95

HDR Preset Collection 14 Street

22 subtlety balanced presets

Photographing in the city is not only a challenge when choosing a motif, but also during post-production. In street photography, the photographer tries to capture the people in the city and the traces of everyday life, thus saving situations from being forgotten. In this way, the images become important documents of times, in which, more than in other photographic genres, you give the pictures your personal visual language.

Get the best look possible with 22 subtlety balanced presets, developed by professional photographer, as an add-on package for all versions of HDR projects 5 and higher. Let yourself be inspired and embark on an expedition to the most mysterious and exciting topics of photography.

The 22 Street Photography Presets In This Package:

1. Barcelona 12. Mumbai
2. Beijing 13. New York
3. Berlin 14. Oslo
4. Cairo 15. Paris
5. Dubai 16. Rio de Janeiro
6. Hamburg 17. Rom
7. Hongkong 18. Seoul
8. Lissabon 19. Shanghai
9. London 20. Sydney
10. Madrid 21. Tokyo
11. Moscow 22. Venice
HDR Preset Collection 14 Street
HDR Preset Collection 14 Street

Getting the extraordinary look with the presets of street photography means to capture the right moment. Often you don’t have time to wait for the right light, or to unpack your equipment in peace and quiet.  Most of the time you just have one single moment to capture the perfect shot.

This preset collection will help you get the best possible look for your image and create an real eye catcher.

How does it work? Simply install the newest preset package, open HDR projects and edit your photos with the new specialized tools.Your advantage – You won´t need to worry about, which functions, algorithms, filters or tone mapping suit your image best. The Preset Collection together with HDR projects will do it for

The Preset Collections are only plug-in expansions for HDR projects 5 and later versions and can only be used together with this program.