HDR Preset Collection 13 Lost Places 2

A collection of 23 handmade presets to get the perfect lost-places-look for your images. Usable with HDR projects 5 and higher.

  • Fascinating gloomy looks for abandoned industrial and residential buildings.
  • Quick feeling of success, by using the presets
  • Create your personal unique style and apply it to an entire series of images
  • Perfect HDR results, also with single-shot technology
  • For HDR projects 5 and higher


just $ 24.95

HDR Preset Collection 13 Lost Places 2

23 subtlety balanced presets

Photographing at abandoned or mystical places is not only a challenge when shooting, but also in post-production. It is often difficult to “convey” the mysterious atmosphere and extraordinary effect light can have on the images which draw the viewer under its spell.

Get the best look possible with 23 subtlety balanced presets, developed by professional photographers as an add-on package for all versions of HDR projects 5 and higher. Let yourself be inspired and embark on an expedition to the most mysterious and exciting topics of photography.

The 22 Lost Places Presets In This Package:

1. Fine 13. Tone 1
2. Strong 14. Tone 2
3. Colorize 15. Tone 3
4. Bleach 16. Art 1
5. Deep 17. Art 2
6. Weathered 18. Mono Detail
7. Gentle 19. Mono Soft
8. Clarity 20. Mono Bright
9. Reflective 21. Mono Silhouette
10. Tunnel 22. Mono Tone 1
11. Painted 23. Mono Tone 2
12. Micro-Painted
HDR Preset Collection 13 Lost Places 2
HDR Preset Collection 13 Lost Places 2

Get the perfect Lost-places-Look

How does it work? Simply install the newest preset package, open HDR projects and edit your photos with the new specialized tools.

Your advantage – You won´t need to worry about, which functions, algorithms, filters or tone mapping best suit your image. The Preset Collection together with HDR projects will do it for

Since all photos were originally taken without a filter, it’s just as easy to return to or edit these as color or HDR-Images at a later date.

The Preset Collections are only plug-in expansions for HDR projects 5 and later versions and can only be used together with this program.