HDR Preset Collection 13-16

This plug-in collection for HDR projects promises perfect images in half the time. Simply select the style you wish to convey and the presets do the rest


• Fast results thanks to preconfigured settings
• Fine-tuned presets for numerous motifs
• All presets manually adjustable
• Easy import process
• Only for HDR projects

just $ 20.00

91 Fine-tuned Presets for HDR projects

Get to work professionally editing your collection of colorful and vibrant photos in no time.

New calculation methods and functions integrated into new presettings have made it possible to precisely adapt the algorithms of all 91 presets to specific photographic situations.

Simply install the new preset add-on packages within HDR projects Versions 4 and later and begin editing with all the new tools.

The Presets In This Package:

Preset Collection - Natural Detail 2

Layering images over one another usually provides you with optimal exposure levels within your images.

However, when it comes to contrast – or better micro-contrast – there is often still work to be done. Here’s where the presets come in.These one-of-a-kind presets are precisely configured for HDR photography and are capable of capturing and rendering detail and contrast like never before.

The presets in this collection are specifically designed for use in the field of nature and landscape photography.

You’ll find these Presets are included in the add-on package

1. Details
2. Summer
3. Brilliance
4. Sunset
5. Glowing
6. Colorful
7. Less Color
8. Soft Bleach
9. Monochrome Deep
10. Monochrome Soft
11. Deep

12. Dark
13. Soft Contrast
14. Color Contrast
15. Fine
16. Very Fine
17. Soft Details
18. Edged
19. Edged Light
20. Color Tone 1
21. Color Tone 2
22. Color Tone 3

Preset Collection - City Lights

Lend a particular look to an entire collection of photos – say from a day trip to a new city – or select just the right color tone that brings back all the vacation vibes in an instant.

The 24 fine-tuned lighting moods are precisely adapted for use in HDR photography and offer exactly the tools you need for creating impressive image series of your own.

You’ll find these Presets are included in the add-on package

1. Warm Light
2. Cold Light
3. Orange Glow
4. Blue Glow
5. Soft Details
6. Deep Contrast
7. Blue Hour
8. Skyline
9. Deep Skyline
10. Color Gradient 1
11. Color Gradient 2
12. Light Glow

13. Dark Glow
14. Sunrise
15. Time Square
16. Trafalgar Square
17. Palace Square
18. Plaza Mayor
19. Tiananmen Square
20. Piazza San Marco
21. Saint Peters Square
22. Place de la Concorde
23. Piazza del Campo
24. Old Town Square

Preset Collection - Street Fotografie

Taking photos in the city is not only a challenge when choosing a subject, but also when it comes to post-processing. In street photography,

the photographer tries to capture the people in the city and the traces of everyday life, and in this way to prevent situations from being forgotten.

You’ll find these Presets are included in the add-on package

1. Barcelona
2. Beijing
3. Berlin
4. Cairo
5. Dubai
6. Hamburg
7. Hongkong
8. Lissabon
9. London
10. Madrid
11. Moscow

12. Mumbai
13. New York
14. Oslo
15. Paris
16. Rio de Janeiro
17. Rom
18. Seoul
19. Shanghai
20. Sydney
21. Tokyo
22. Venice

Preset Collection - Lost Places Vol. 2

Not only shooting in abandoned and mystical places is a challenge but also the post-processing of the images. With this preset collection, you can enhance the mysteriousness and strong impression that make Lost Places photography so special

1. Fine
2. Strong
3. Colorize
4. Bleach
5. Deep
6. Weathered
7. Gentle
8. Clarity
9. Reflective
10. Tunnel
11. Painted
12. Micro-Painted

13. Tone 1
14. Tone 2
15. Tone 3
16. Art 1
17. Art 2
18. Mono Detail
19. Mono Soft
20. Mono Bright
21. Mono Silhouette
22. Mono Tone 1
23. Mono Tone 2

Software required for add-on installation: HDR projects 5 Versions and later.