Preset Collection 2 – Fantasy Edition for SHARPEN projects

Send viewers on a journey with the Fantasy Preset Collection developed
exclusively for SHARPEN projects. 21 Fantasy-Presets will lend your photos an
awe-inspiring and colorfully vibrant touch – all with as little editing effort as


•Find the perfect fantasy look for your project in no time
• Create vibrant and vivid photos with minimal effort
• Impressive results with no editing expertise required
• Easily import projects into in SHARPEN projects Versions 2 (2018) and later
• Exclusively for SHARPEN projects<

just $ 9.95

21 Professional Presets for 2018 Versions and Later

Have your images started to look the same after edits? Does it feel like they’re missing something? The Preset Collection for Sharpen has just the solution: With the Fantasy Presets, your images are guaranteed that unique touch and will never look boring again!

You can select from 21 exciting presets, some equipped with integrated color gradients to help you create magically dynamic images. But the collection doesn’t just impress with vivid filters. Included in the collection are also darker presets to lend your photos that mysterious and mystical look.

The 21 Fantasy Presets In This Package:

1. Soft Red
2. Midnight
3. Bright Glow
4. Bleach Vignette
5. Yellow Shade
6. Mixed Temperature
7. Dark Glow
8. Silver
9. Light Blue
10. Aura
11. Duotone Green

12. Exclusive
15.Duotone Blue
17.Deep Glow
18.Duotone Purple
20.Strong Glow

Flawless Images Made Quickly and Easily

Simply install the new Preset Package using the add-on function in SHARPEN
projects. No need to waste time looking for the right algorithms, filter or tone
mapping: The program then automatically provides you with the right editing
suggestions for your selected image. Image editing has never been this easy.

The Preset Collection 2 is compatible with SHARPEN projects 2018
(professional and standard versions) and SHARPEN projects 3 (professional and
standard versions).

Software required for add-on installation: SHARPEN projects 2018 Versions and later.