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Ulf Schulmeyer

Ulf Schulmeyer, FRANZIS® Product Manager


What happens to your image?


Image usage rights are more important to certain photographers than to others. At FRANZIS however, we take copyright and the right to use image archives seriously. So please allow us a few words to explain what happens to your photo after being uploaded.

By uploading your pictures, you agree to the image usage rights listed below. These terms are simply an assurance for us, if we were, for example, to publish a picture gallery with customer photos on our website or a sample photo on Facebook, etc. Of course, whenever we release an image, the proper copyright, stating the name or pseudonym specified when uploaded, is always cited.

In addition, no customer photos will be used in FRANZIS products. If the case were to arise, where we would want to collaborate more closely with a photographer, for example if we wanted to use an image for a product cover, the individual would be directly contacted and separate conditions would be arranged. If you have any questions, please contact us! What’s the use of legal fuss or image theft? With a bit of communication we can all enjoy photography even more!

* Granting permission for image usage rights


  1. Upon uploading photos, Franzis Verlag GmbH reserves the non-exclusive right to use the provided material for all media, that is both print and online, spatially and temprally unlimited.
  2. The image rights holder hereby agrees that the uploaded images may be used in a modified form, for example in part, as part of a montage, a technical depiction, a colourised or black and white version. Franzis Verlag GmbH takes care that exceptionally creative compositions or art photography do not face any degradation.
  3. The image rights holder guarantee that they own all of the image rights, and, where applicable, that they have obtained consent for publication, distribution and reproduction from all individuals in the photos.