Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades


PhotoZoom 7 pro – Upgrade


PhotoZoom 7 pro presents you a few new important additions for enlarging and downsizing your high-quality digital or graphical artworks!



Silkypix DSP 9 – Upgrade


With SILKYPIX Developer Studio 9 Pro you can conjure up your photos with that certain something. All without storing huge databases.



SHARPEN projects 2018 pro – Upgrade


Owners of high resolution digital cameras in particular will benefit from the new sharpness algorithms. Resharpening is a important step in image processing!


SHARPEN projects 2018 professional Upgrade


NEAT projects 2 pro – Upgrade


Lots of people can be walking about in front of a popular photo motif, but on your photo no one will see them – how does this work?



COLOR projects 6 pro – Upgrade 


COLOR projects 6 pro thus comes with two completely new categories for additional light: Light FX and Kirlian.



CUTOUT 8 pro – Upgrade


Clean cropping down the finest details remains one of the trickiest parts of image editing. CUTOUT 8 PRO drastically simplifies this process.



Black & White projects 6 pro – Upgrade


BLACK & WHITE projects 6 pro creates masterful works of art  and is the optimum tool for monochrome high-end images from all areas of photography.



CUTOUT 2018 pro – Upgrade


Cut out image motifs perfectly, insert cleanly and remove disruptive objects with one click. CutOut 2018 pro makes photo montage possible for everyone.



HDR projects 2018 pro – Upgrade


In a matter of seconds HDR projects 2018 analyses your photos and uses this data to generate more than 100 image improvement recommendations.


HDR projects 2018 professional Upgrade


FOCUS projects 4 pro – Upgrade


Create textbook macros, razor-sharp and with details like you’ve never seen before. Create state-of-the-art macro photos which have a fascinating depth.


FOCUS projects 4 professional upgrade


Sketch 20.5 – Upgrade


Sketch 20.5 is the perfect program for anyone who wants to draw well. Creating realistic drawings by hand is difficult and takes a very long time.



Denoise projects 2 pro – Upgrade


DENOISE projects pro expands your scope as a photographer, enabling you to create fascinating twilight, event, underwater and astro images.