SHARPEN projects: new Features


Save your blurry photos!




Blurry photos are a thing of the past, because SHARPEN projects professional will make them sharp.  With the integrated “Adaptive Multi-scale Deconvolution,” SHARPEN projects professional corrects blurry photos with the information of up to 100 surrounding pixels and gives otherwise unusable photos the necessary visual sharpness back.


Typical problem: long focal length and no stable stance (shooting from a boat!) With SHARPEN projects professional your photo can be sharpened with ease.





Typical situation:  With animals, the right moment is often hectic! With SHARPEN projects professional your slightly blurry photo will become a highlight on the wall in your living room!


70534-9_sharpen-projects-professional-vn-wespe 70534-9_sharpen-projects-professional-vn-milan