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No matter how many auto-focus cross sensors high-end reflex cameras have at their disposal, only one selected area is ultimately designated as the focal point of an image, and often enough it turns out to be the incorrect one. This is especially common when shooting moving objects. Many are accustomed to having to discard around half of these out-of-focus photos, if not the entirety of the day’s shots.

SHARPEN projects can rescue those out-of-focus photos!
In this image it is apparent that the child’s face was not designated as the focal-point, rather the webbed netting a couple centimeters to the right.

This slight imperfection is really no big deal and would unquestionably make the cut as an entry in the family photo album. However, for an ambitious photographer, this provides ample grounds for need of fixing!

SHARPEN projects makes the seemingly impossible, possible. The focal-point is simply transferred from the in-focus netting to the child’s face in the foreground.

The trick is in making the netting appear as if it is genuinely part of the background. You can do this by applying a “de-sharpen mask” to this region initially displayed in distinct detail, more precisely by the use of the selective brush-tool, described in detail here  in the following step-by-step tutorial.