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You know the dilemma: You’ve shot an amazing portrait but it’s still missing that last magic touch! The eyes have to be crystal clear, the even skin tone appearing soft to the touch. Most of the time the only thing preventing an extraordinary work of art from becoming the perfect portrait is the ideal degree of sharpness in selected areas of the photograph.

This is why post-editing and especially post-sharpening hold such an essential role within the creative process and serve as an industry standard in profile photography.
sharpen projectsA common goal for many portrait post-editors is in achieving the optimal degree of clarity—for example in areas around the eyes or mouth—without obscuring certain aspects, or, even the entire photograph itself, with various interferences brought about by the post-editing process.

The innovative Masking-Tool with its adaptive Sharpness Editor makes this step easier than ever.

The software automatically recognizes the regions of the image with intricate detailing and applies the right amount sharpness to those areas accordingly.

Flat surfaces such as the skin around the eyes remain untouched throughout the duration of the sharpening process. Achieving optimal results in all of your post-editing work has never been this easy with any other Software.