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There are certain moments in life that only come around once, and that goes just as much for models as it does for photographers. Imagine you were asked by your best friends to photograph their wedding. You give them the affirmative and prepare painstakingly for the big moment. They exit through the church doors, make their way down the stairs, and whilst carefully maneuvering your way through the excitement of the crowd, you receive a light blow, that—given you’re working with a telephoto lens for the improved perspective—results in devastating effects to the sharpness of the photo.

With SHARPEN projects professional you bring blurred photos back to life. The Software corrects blurred images with its integrated “Adaptive multi-scale Deconvolution” with up to 100 pixels of environmental information and gives otherwise useless photographs their required visual clarity back.
sharpen projectsSHARPEN doesn’t rely solely on your own visual perception, rather displays with mathematical precision the degree to which the clarity of the image was transformed:

After clicking the green “Sharpen-Button”,


the effectiveness of its application is visible in the Before/After analysis.
While almost every image point in the original seems to be covered by a blurred haze,
the same pixel arrangement starts to look the way it should after editing with Sharpen: Sharp/Clear!

sharpen projects