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Macro photographs set themselves apart from the rest with the precise, almost microscopic clarity of the central objects, for example this bee.

When simply applying automatic post-sharpening to this photograph, not only will the bee be sharpened to a considerable degree, but the underlying layers of flowers in the background as well. At first glance this doesn’t seem all too problematic since the bee itself has been rendered clear in striking detail. However, experienced photographers will recognize this as a definitive cardinal error.

The objective of the photographer is to guide the focus of the observer. If every element of the photograph appears crystal clear, you as the observer have no idea where to direct your attention. This is a common drawback that is usually only avoided through the use of extremely expensive lenses, which, due to their intense luminosity at a wide aperture, are able to capture the clarity of the chief motive while leaving the remaining elements of the photograph out of focus.

At SHARPEN projects, getting this job done has never been easier or more economical.
Apply automatic sharpening to the entire image.

Now use the “selection brush” tool,

sharpen projects

click the option Display Background Image and highlight the areas of the photograph which you wish to remain blurred. No worries, SHARPEN recognizes the edges around the bee and will omit these automatically from the highlighted region.

What you get is not only an image that looks good, but one deserving of critical consideration in photography forums and competitions across the board.