NEAT projects professional

Take Pictures like you were never able to before.

  • With Neat projects you are guaranteed an obstructed view of your motif no matter how many people may be standing in the way
  • NEAT projects completely eliminates clusters of people from pictures of your favorite attractions.
  • NEAT projects is a brand new program that makes photography easier than ever and—in some situations—even possible.


You can visit all the museums and attractions stress-free:

enjoy every moment, and at the same time come home with photos which only you were able to capture.

No matter how many people are standing in front of a painting, landmark, or building, the first step in obtaining a completely unobstructed view of your target involves aiming your camera and shooting one photo after the other. With NEAT projects, there is no tripod required! NEAT projects merges the series of images into one with the help of award-winning algorithms from the makers of projects Software. The program calculates differences in the multiple exposures and readily eliminates all moving objects from the image, all this without the need of user-assistance!


With NEAT projects, here’s what you can expect:
One-of-a-kind travel photos despite large amounts of tourists
The ability to photograph cities and attractions without the obstruction of passerbys
Perfectly suited Software for editing Portraits and Group photos taken in densely crowded areas
The means to turn plazas and parks “empty”
The ability to photograph Churches from the inside without capturing multitudes of visitors
Clear views of all works of art in museums
Street-Photography with an absence of cars
The documentation of Nature at its finest
Capability to take professional-grade architectural photographs