NEAT projectsneat_projects-KITE-3

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to turn a series of photographs into a motion sequence.
1. We’re starting off with five individual images of an airborne kite surfer that we want to merge into one single image. This is easily achievable with NEAT projects and does not require complicating layering, masking or any other mode of time consuming selective editing.

Open NEAT projects professional.

2. Import all images you will be using into NEAT projects. At first glance, the program may have a rather a rather startling effect—that is, due to the fact that the surfer has disappeared and all we are left with is our watery backdrop. This is the result of the Motion Algorithm’s Multipass Setting registered to default at program start, the function allowing you to automatically remove all moving objects
Open NEAT projects professional.3. Stopping at this stage could leave things a little boring—what we really want to do is to show each stage of the surfer’s continual movement in one single photograph. Locate the Motion Algorithms drop-down menu on the right side of your screen and select “Add Motion”.

Open NEAT projects professional.

Now all intervals within the motion sequence of the surfer’s entire jump have been merged together to form one single image.

Be creative and decided for yourself what comes next! With this technique it’s also possible to have the same person appear multiple times in one image, for example someone sitting at four different spot at the dinner table. Another interesting project could be letting your dog jump over an obstacle and capturing every stage of his leap.