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Masks can also be created from a colour or brightness. With the button (1) you activate the “Create Mask” modus. You will find yourself in the standard mode “Create Mask out of Colour”(2). If you want to create the mask out of a brightness, choose the (3) button. The tolerance controller decides, how sharp (smaller value) or soft (higher value) the created mask will be.

While in the “create mask” mode, your mouse pointer will turn into a pipette. The colour or brightness in which your mouse pointer is set, will determine the type of mask being created. In the above example, we can see how a red mask has been created for the sky.

If you want to combine several colours in one mask, simply click on the desired colours one after the other with the pipette on the screen. The current colour will be added to the current mask with every click.

– Selective Drawing – Smoothing Brush
The smoothing brush (1) gives you the opportunity to draw selective areas of the mask softly. To draw an area even softer, just go over the same area with the smoothing brush several times.

– Global Mask Functions
In case of global mask functions there are several special modes that one can use directly:

The left button fulfils the function with a lower effect while the one on the right with a bigger effect.

To reset the function of a mask
Every mask can be reset to its original state without any effect on the other masks. You simply click on the waste paper button (1).

After clicking on the button a security query will follow, so that no important work can be lost by accident.

– Adaptation of automatic masks onto the “Distortion correction” of the RAW module

Selective drawing works directly with the RAW module. This includes the “Distortion correction” that is part of the RAW module and that is applied completely automatically on several drawn masks.

In the picture above we have an example where the sky has already been masked.

When we now subsequently correct in the RAW module the horizon within the image, then the drawn mask will automatically adjust itself to the “Distortion correction”.