NEAT projects

Save final images using the buttons in the toolbar, from the file menu or use the corresponding keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+S).

Cropping and captions
As soon as you have initiated a file save, the cropping and caption window will open. If you do not wish to crop or add a caption to your image, click on continue.

At the top of your screen you will find several practical aids for perfect image composition and cropping. You can set the aspect ratio and activate guidelines like the rule of thirds, the golden section or the golden spiral. Practical is also the new photo centre display that you can obtain by simply clicking on the button.

The centre of the window shows your final image. Fix the area to be saved by adjusting the corners and borders of the photo.

At the bottom is an option to enter a caption. You can determine the size, position and background for the text. The size of the text will be automatically coordinated to the final cropping. You can either crop free-hand or make use one of the 71 provided formats

Please note: If you choose the cropping ratio 13 x 18, for example, the final image will not be saved as 13 x 18 cm, rather as a ratio of 13 to 18. As soon as the image has been cropped and captioned, confirm the save and the following window will prompt you to select a file format and name your file.