NEAT projectsneat projects 2 professional presets

Directly after uploading your images you will find yourself in post-processing. Here you can begin editing the results with
filters and effects.
neat projects 2 professional presetsLeft side of the postprocessing screen: The presets show the breakdown of the live preview in categories – „Natural“, „Colors“, „Details“ und „Soft“ with the quantity of presets in the appropriate category.

To begin, we’ve chosen the “Natural Original” preset. Clicking on the preview image applies the effect to the image in real time, which will then be displayed in
the middle of the screen.

NEAT projects 2 professional isn’t about image looks, but preliminary presets. 43 different effects make your image lighter, darker, more vivid in colour, and so on.

All 43 NEAT projects 2 professional presets at a single glance. The bar “presettings” can be easily detached and adjusted to the desired size.