NEAT projectsNEAT projects 2 professional–

NEAT projects 2 professional offers a variety of new features. Here is an overview of some of the most important developments:

5 new Motion Fusion Profiles: remove motion (soft), remove motion (very soft), add motion (dark), add motion (light), add motion (colour). For additional information on motion fusion profiles, please see chapter 10. Motion Algorithms.

– Fusions-Profiles: Create, save and load your own Motion Fusion Profiles.

– Upload up to 200 images

Presets and Additional Functions: 18 new presets have been added in four different categories along with the Favorite System, Preset Combiner and the Gallery Function.

Variation Browser: For Presets, the Optimisation Assistant, Fusion Algorithms and Fusion-Profiles.

Exposure-Prediction: New exposure correction processes for image sequences. This allows for the (limited) upload of bracketed series in the form of motion sequences. The optimization of the lights works out as many details as possible from the light areas of the original images.

-Significant Optimisation: The Fusion Algorithm calculation has been accelerated by up to 40%. Automatic image rotation has been sped up by up to 50% and RAW image uploads by 30%.

– Selective Drawing: 4 Composing Levels and 48 Processing Methods (see chapter 11. Local Adjustments/ Selective Drawing)

– 1:1 Comparison Window

Granulation Module: Natural Grain in 6 Forms and Fractal Grain.

– Intelligent Colour Space (SCA method)

RAW Module Expansions: Graphic configuration of horizon correction, Category FX, create your own profile, adjustable display options along with the following effects:

Normalise Lights/Shadows  Colour Denoising  Exposure  Colour Gradient  RGB-Exposure

– Print Final Image

– Clipboard

– Colour normalisation of input images

Scaling function for input images: From 10 to 400%. The scaling calculation of new images is made based on the size of your screen. Small scaling adjustments can be useful when uploading your image to a webpage directly after editing.

– Interactive Contrast Optimisation in the Motion Fusion

– Note Function in the Undo-Timeline

Create Exposure Bracketing: New mode „according to EV value“