NEAT projects

Locating presets can be difficult when you have imported presets or created many additional looks. For example, enter “filter” into the search bar and only presets relating to “filter” will be shown, for example “Gradient filter” or “Colours Red filter”. This makes the search a lot easier.

Name Favourites

Have you found certain presets that you love and instantly want to have handy? Click on the top right star in the preset window and add the setting to your favourites. By clicking the button, previews all of your favourite presets will be displayed.

Save Undo-Points
With the Save Undo-Point Function you can save your edits to an image at different intervals and later view these in the Timeline and pick up where you left off.

In the Timeline you can view and directly access all saved Undo- Points.

Image Sequence View
With the image sequence view you can see all sequences of your image at one glance.