NEAT projectsNEAT projects 2 professional–

You can choose to upload images using the file menu. When attempting to upload only one or two images, a notification will appear stating that an image sequence must include three images or more in order for the program to successfully complete motion detection.

Image Sequence Browser
For a better overview of your image sequences, you can use the image sequence browser before uploading your image sequences. Click on the corresponding symbol in the task bar. A preview window will open. Select your image folder as the „Source Folder”.

NEAT projects 2 professional will now display a preview image. Hover you mouse over the preview image to enlarge it. The file type-filter is quite useful here. JPG series are often stored together in the same folder alongside RAW image. Enter RAW in the File Type field and only RAW images are displayed without duplicates. The image search is complete once the progress bar has reached 100%.

From this point on you will be able to upload the desired image sequence. Select the desired series with a right mouse click and choose the “Open as Project” option from within the context menu. Alternatively, double-clicking the image in Preview will also open the image.

NEAT projects 2 professional uploads the images from your chosen sequence the same way as the simple Drag & Drop method. Now we can begin with Post-Processing