NEAT projectsFree

Reserve clear shots of all paintings!

1. Open NEAT projects professional

Import Photos









2. Go to the folder and select the sequence of images you would like to import. Once NEAT projects has been opened, simply drag and drop the group of images into the program. When loading high volumes of images at one time, NEAT projects may notify you that there is only a small amount of working storage left at your disposal, and therefore suggests reducing the size or amount of images you are working with.Tip: Choose the option “Reduce Size of all Images”

Reduce image sizes




In the example photograph below, a total of only eight images were required to remove every person from the picture. NEAT projects can load these without the need for any additional resizing.


3. Et voilà! There’s nothing more to do in order to have the entire museum to yourself. NEAT projects automatically removes all people from your photograph. Choose an appropriate Preset from the left panel. Displayed in the image below, the Preset “Light” was best suited for this photo.
Now all you have left to do is save your project and you’re practically finished!










4. When photographing the insides as well as outsides of buildings, crooked lines can become a real burden more often than not. With the new Trapezoid-Correction Tool you can quickly and conveniently make these lines straight again. Select the Grid-View/activate “Help Lines” and these corrections will take even less time!


5. Activate the RAW-Tool

RAW Tool




6. The tool used for aligning and straightening structures is located in the section under the header “distortion”.

After application of the Trapezoid-correction tool, the lines are once again as straight as ever:
Activate Help Lines








Trapezoid Correction Settings








Finalize your edits by clicking the “apply” button. The best thing about this is that only one image needs to be altered—the applied corrections are automatically transferred throughout the entire image sequence.


7. The results can be seen here
In every one of the eight photographs there were people to see and there wasn’t a single moment in which the room was completely empty.The eight images within the image sequence were flawlessly merged so that not even one of the many people previously present appear in the end result. And what’s even harder to believe is that these eight photographs were taken without the help of a tripod!

Image Sequence