HDR projects: new features

The latest evolutionary stage of HDR technology


Capture the entire spectrum of light information. Whoever has witnessed HDR images but once will often find normal photos rather dull. HDR projects 5 professional enables you to create worlds of light not possible with “regular” photography. When going up against the human eye, the digital camera has a lot to make up for. The technology behind HDR compensates for these shortcomings.

HDR projects 5 is fifth generation software from the leaders in HDR technology—FRANZIS®—made in Germany!

Finally experience photographs with the expressive power of reality.


NEW: Finally Cleaner HDR Images. 

The leader in HDR technology has taken things to the next level. For the first time an HDR program has been equipped with Smart Detail Enhancement (SDE). This intelligent detailing function utilizes multiple algorithms and tone mapping procedures all sharing one common characteristic: They are capable of recognizing noise interferences and other irregularities within an image. It is exactly this noise information that the detail enhancement – the real HDR process – proceeds to remove. In other words, the only image information undergoing enhancement is that which has earned it. Messy HDR photographs are now a thing of the past!

Better photos with over 100 image recommendations 

In a matter of seconds, HDR projects 5 analyses your photos and uses this data to generate more than 100 image improvement recommendations. There is no need to press any buttons, adjust any slide controls or test out functions. If developing true masterpieces out of your photographs in as little time and as stress-free as possible is what you want to do, you can count on HDR projects every time.

Of course you can also let your creativity run free and develop every image individually according to its specific qualities.


FRANZIS® — designed and produced in Germany. 

HDR photography is widely known to be the only photo technique capable of capturing all image information. No other camera sensor can contest with HDR, and that is bound to remain an absolute certainty. FRANZIS® HDR programs have guaranteed the perfect application of this technique for over a decade. As a leader in HDR technology, FRANZIS® has come to represent the latest highlight in the field of HDR Photography: Ultra HDR – a component of HDR projects 5 – renders your photographs more realistic, the colors more radiant, details more vivid and the moods of the image more expressive than ever.