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Edit Areas specifically with Selective Drawing

Not infrequently, one is faced with the task of having to deal with areas of an image differently. Whether it is a colourless and perhaps too bright sky, or too little details in leaves and many more things. For every photographer, the possibility of additional and full optimization of the light situation, presents a great advantage. Here, the function Selective Drawing offers itself, which brings all the freedom to customize error-free and high-quality HDR images.

In the program window, at the bottom of the right sidebar, there is the Selective Drawing button, surrounded by two other buttons. Enabled by default, the left button allows, to let the settings of the optimization wizard act on the local adjustments. Should all adjustments be rapidly deactivated, the right button is to be used. By clicking on the large button, a window opens for local processing.


On the right side, the effect for the mask is selected, which can be faded in and out continuously with a slider. Masks, once produced, can be stored for use with other programs, even as an image file.

So the effects Darken, Lighten, Enhance color, Reduce color, Enhance details, Reduce details and Sharpness are available. The intensity of the effects can also be controlled by a infinitely variable slider. In the top bar, there is now a brush or eraser and the associated fill mode for coarse or fine objects, that can be selected. To be prepared for all situations, opacity, brush size, contours and softness can now be set.


The, with the contours regulator adjustable, smart edge detection, very precisely prevents painting over unwanted areas, like the leaves here.

Has a mask now been produced for darkening the sky, it can be copied to the clipboard and pasted to a different effect like brightening and be reversed by clicking the appropriate button. So the sky remains dark and the precise rest is lightened.