HDR projects

I am an Photography enthusiast and passionate of photography. I used to take photos both indoor as well as outdoor scenarios. I used various photography softwares for polishing my pictures for various errors in photograph / enhancements. But I was not satisfied with any softwares till I came across HDR photography softwares namely HDR project 4, HDR Sharpen and Cutouts. These packages have so many features of which I think I would have used just 30% of features and they are so good and satisfying that I am trying to explore more and master other 70% features.

I am convinced that HDR photograph software is priced at a very nominal cost for the features and I would recommend to all my photograph friends to use and enhance many times their photos.

I have attached 2 photographs I took at a pilgrimage in India. It is the famous Sabarimala temple on top of hill. Photo 1  shows the simple photo which was taken in the evening almost when night was setting in.


Photo 1 from normal camera before  using HDR software             Photo 2 after using HDR software

I used the HDR software and photo 2 was made crystal clear and as if it is evening prior to dusk with better light enhancement and very sharp features.

Now I take pride in declaring myself a “Really Professional” photographer as I could provide outstanding photographs as per client’s needs.

This Sofware-Review was written by Manohar