HDR projects

Micro-contrast enhancement used in HDR photography unfortunately shows every unwanted sensor imperfection that every photographer, despite internal camera sensor cleaning, knows and dreads. Don’t stress – just eliminate them! With the easy to apply correction function from HDR projects 7 professional, it can even be fun.
Pro Tip: This intelligent correction doesn’t only remove sensor spots, but other disturbing things too – a deserted beach has never been so easy to produce.

Here’s how to go about correcting:
Select the brush tool under (6) and click on the point of the image that you would like to correct. A circle will appear beside it that will serve as a source.
Move this circle to a place on the image that can act as a source for the first marking. The selected area will then be improved based on the source.

Prior to this, you can reveal sensor spots, which will appear as a bright patch in the image, with (1). (2) Allows you to expose or hide the fixed areas. The corrections are still active, even if they have been blended in. Hiding is solely to enable a before and after comparison.

You can select multiple areas to correct by simply clicking on the brush symbol (6) and adding another point. The button marked (3) can blend the targeted corrections in and out, which also controls clarity.

NEW: Under the quality (10) tab, a dropdown menu including five new quality modes allowing you to automatically search for corresponding areas will open. With the different quality levels you can scale how the automatic search proceeds.

Note: This search quality is used for all of the following search area settings.
(5) Deletes the added corrections. The section marked (7) controls the size of the area that is to be corrected.

You also have the option to automatically search for the best source area for the improvement. Click on the (8) button. Button (4) calculates the appropriate correction spots for all of the points automatically set using (8). All currently selected corrections can be deleted with the (9) button